Friday, April 24, 2015

Bad Weather + Plane = Hold Onto Your Cookies!

I am not a huge fan of air travel.

Given a choice, I prefer to travel by car, though statistically flying is safer than driving.  And if you are still not fully convinced that flying on 'X' airline is safe, there is a handy site that allows you to browse airline safety ratings.  Or--if your partner is anything like mine--he will tell you the statistics days before you are scheduled to fly, even the bits you don't want to hear.

Bad weather, delays, and peanuts (why is this still a thing!) aside, my flight to New Orleans last weekend was totally worth it.  Even if I was only in NOLA for less than a day.  

But, going back to the flight, there was an attendant with a wicked sense of humor on my first leg of the flight.  At the end of the safety demonstration, she announced on the intercom, "And for those of you who did not pay attention.  Good luck, you're on your own.  Just kidding!"

Other things she said included, "For children with rowdy parents on board, please keep them in line as nobody likes to listen to a screaming adult", "If you are caught smoking in the lavatory, you will be tied up and jettisoned from the plane.  Not really, but, really, no smoking in the lavatory", "Thank you for flying 'X' airline.  We realize you have other options available, but as they all suck you're not really left with much of a choice".  

Every line was delivered with such wonderful grace that no one on board (at least I did not hear anyone complain) was offended.  On the contrary, the entire plane would alternate between laughing and clapping at her jokes.  

As for the second leg of the flight...thankfully, no one barfed near me.


  1. Oh, flying. I used to love it. But the last few experiences I've had cured me of that. Which is why I'm not sure if I'm crazy or delusional to be taking a trip to England in the fall. :D

  2. I feel you when it comes to flying! But it will be so worth it when you land in England and build great new memories :)