Monday, April 20, 2015

The Joys of Sharing. Or not.

Hummers really are great birds.  For being so tiny--though some can be large--they have alot of attitude.

It's fun watching a single hummer lay claim to the feeder and chase off any other hummer that so much as even looks at the feeder.

When we first moved to California, there was a beefy hummer I named Samson who did not believe in sharing.  On some days, Samson would be so busy chasing other hummers away that I swear he would forget to drink.  From sunrise to sunset, Samson would guard the feeder and zoooom and chatter all around the patio.

Meet Samson the Hummer, played by Christopher Lambert.

A few brave hummers--or smart--would wait close by until Samson zooomed after a passing hummer and then swoop in, take a quick drink, and fly away laughing.  Well, not really laughing, but I always like to imagine that they were laughing.

My cat, Kanoqui, is particularly fond of hummers, though the first time he saw one he nearly fell backwards off the table.  Not a joke, he really did freak out and it took him a few minutes to muster the courage to approach the window and look--really look--at these flying toys.

Ever since then, I think my cat resents that I do not let him 'play' with the hummers.  The hummers, on the other hand, ignore him.  I figure as long as my cat does not perch on their feeder the hummers will let him live be.  

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  1. Indeed hummers are one of the smartest bird of the world.They act so smartly unlike other birds.Its one of the wonderful creature of God.