Monday, April 13, 2015


I'm the type of person that can not function in the morning till I have had my coffee.  I also am the type of person who does NOT like being surprised until I have at least had two cups of coffee.  It takes that long for my brain to register that it's time to "wake-up".

That being said, this weekend I had a close encounter of the spider kind.  I don't hate spiders.  I enjoy seeing them on walks, and hikes, and mainly in places that do not involve one dangling directly in front of my face.  Especially if said spider is larger than one inch (shudders).

Well, this spider I had close eye (eyes?) contact with was just over one inch.  In that brief moment of bonding, as it began charging towards me from yesterday's coffee cup, I named it Venom.
Why didn't I start the day with coffee again?
Like a spell, my shrill wail summoned my husband who immediately scooped Venom into a glass cup and whisked it away to a land of potted plants and numerous insects.  Also birds...hmmm, now that I think about it, not sure if I can say Venom "lived happily ever after".

Let's pretend it did. 

I like to think that Venom was simply looking for a bit of coffee as well (hence it setting up shop in my coffee cup).  Maybe it was just trying to tell me to step away from the dishes and enjoy a hot, steaming cup of coffee.  That for me to even think of starting the day any other way was blasphemy.  

Speaking of blasphemy, did you know that coffee has been banned throughout history?  Apparently, at one point, you could even lose your head.

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