Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Bookstore Dilemma

I have a wish-list of books that I want to add to my collection.  If you were to ask me at this moment what three books I want, I could easily name them.  But, whenever I walk into a bookstore, that wish-list goes out the window, and I find myself struggling to remember even one.  And it is very annoying when you discover that the only book that you can remember is not available.

Thankfully, the bookstore I visited while traveling through southern Oregon had a small but decent fantasy section.  After a quick Goodreads cross-check to read people's reviews and make sure I wasn't buying something I would regret, I proudly walked out with a new fantasy book to add to my collection. <3

It's always a pleasure to visit a local bookstore when I travel.  With this amazing "Barry Potter" statue, how could I not stop and look?   


  1. I love Oregon, I must live there. oh and it looks like you are using either water colors or colored markers or something....

    1. Oregon really did take my breath away. <3 As for the medium, I used ink, wine, and coffee. :)

    2. ink, wine and coffee....thats pretty can use tea as well :-)