Monday, July 20, 2015

Shipping Fictional Characters: When A Ship Is Not A Ship

Usually, I'm the person who is behind in all the latest expressions.  For example, a few months ago, a friend of mine visited from out-of-town and used the phrase "throwing shade".  My husband immediately jumped on board and they started bantering back and forth, while I sat there clueless.  I had no idea what they had meant.  

Just yesterday, this very same friend referred to herself and me as goobers, and, again, I had no idea what she meant!  

Well, a few weeks ago, I finally knew a word that my husband did not.  Fyi, I have an Instagram account where I post an insane number of book pictures.  There is an entire book community on Instagram that lives and breathes books.  Many of these book accounts are down right artistic <3  Anyways, one of the many book events that occurs on Instagram are called "book challenges".  In short, each day is a different book and theme.  
Some of my book pictures.

Day 4 of the #winterbookchallenge called for "favorite ship".  When I mentioned this to my husband--who, by the way, is also an avid book lover--he thought I meant watercraft.  At first, I thought he was just having a go at me, because he always seems to know every meme, phrase, trend, you name it.  When I corrected him and told him what 'ship' meant in this situation, he laughed and admitted that he had never heard of that phrase.

It was a fun conversation.  :)



  1. That's really funny! I don't know a lot trendy phrases, except for book references. Especially text abbreviations. I usually end up googling them. I was a little surprised though when I found out that my Dad didn't know what a plot bunny was? For some reason, I had thought this was just a writer term.

    1. Plot bunny! Yes, finally a term I know :) To date, I am still behind/clueless on the trendy phrases. Just yesterday, my husband dropped "That's so woke". The look of confusion must have been plain on my face because he started laughing. Thank goodness for google, lol!