Tuesday, May 3, 2016

After A Long Hiatus, Tomes & Coffee Is Back! Also, Book News Update!!

First things first:  I'm sorry. I started this blog as a way to document and share my journey as an aspiring writer and then just...disappeared. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what I've been doing with my time and how I have been plugging away at my book. Still, I should have at least put something up on my blog but, nothing.

I would like to say this will never happen again, but life has a way of pushing and prodding at you until you have no choice but to dedicate 100% of your attention to it.

Still, I am going to do my best not to disappear :) Now, on to the update!

The biggest bit of news that I have to report is that my book is done, and if all goes smoothly (which it never does), will be released late May 2016! Yup, just a few weeks away. Needless to say, at the moment, everything is chaos. But a journey isn't much fun without a bit of adventure, so bring it on.

The name of my book is The Deadbringer and it is the first book in the Ellderet Series. It's a fantasy novel with elements of horror (boo!), so dark fantasy. For more information over the book, including what it's about, head on over to the About My Book section of this blog or check out the book website, which I am still working on. 

I'm on the last leg of my journey as an aspiring writer and soon, very soon, will begin a new journey as a full-fledged writer. A lot of falling down and picking myself up happened during the time I was away. Thankfully, I'm surrounded by some pretty amazing people and inherited my mother's stubbornness, much to my editor's dismay (I foresee a comic about this). 

It is with great joy that my first blog back is a positive one. But, really, life is what you make of it, and I choose to always move forward.

I hope you will join me on my journey.

See you soon. 


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  1. I always love to help and support new bloggers here. I will follow all your posts and it would be great to hear from you again. Keep posting and enjoy your life!